A little something!

31 Mar 2009

It’s been a while since I have updated anything here. In my defence, life is very hectic.


Get up at 6
Cook breakfast and lunch.
Catch bust at 8
Reach office at 9
Work work and work most of the times till 8PM :(
Reach home.
Cook dinner.
Get up at 6
Cook breakfast and lunch.
Till yaayy.. It's Friday...

Do cleaning work.
Meet family (Parents or in-laws)
Go for movie.
Do some more cleaning work.
Relax IF no priour lunch or dinner is decided..

Weekend is over!!! (So soon??? What did I do for these two days?!)

Get up at 6
Cook breakfast and lunch.

No joke friends. My routine is this for past few months is like this. Except for the some changes during some weekend. Office work has become quite hectic. As a result, doing regular chores has become more difficult and tiring!

People say... In the time of recession, having lot of workload is anytime better. But then like this?!
Break is needed indeed! *sigh*

23 Jan 2009

Just my luck...

Hope you all had a very good start of the new year, which seems to becoming old very fast and we have already completed 23 days of it! (Seems so fast!). I had a great start of 2009 and work is keeping me on my toes. As 2009 is passing with ups and downs today I had a very difficult and a weird morning!

  • To start with, I closed my morning alaram instead of snoozing it, and eb=nded up getting up very late and frustrated.
  • Then while making chapattis, I didn’t have enough flour to make daily chapattis.
    While making spinach vegetable, god know where I was looking and it became sooooo watery! So had to skip lunch box and end up eating in the office canteen :(
  • Then I got ready and came to my office bus stop running, just to see that the bus has already left. *hitting-my-foot-and-cursing-all-drivers-in-this-world-for-no-mistake-of-theirs*
  • I had to reach in time to the office, so, I decided to take the public transport. (Which is not supposed to be difficult).
  • I took the bus and got to sit nicely. While I was admiring my luck in the thoughts that the difficulties are over now, the other bus (which was actually behind our bus) left before ours. *sigh*
  • Lady sitting besides me thought she can take that bus and stepped on my foot in hurry to leave and tore my paper hand bag. *extremely-frustrated-pulling-hair*
Now, I just want to go home for this long weekend, before I get any more weird surprises. While I am writing this, I can see e-mail from my manager to be ‘available for work, if required’ on Monday, a public holiday! *trying-to-hide-tears* *sniff-sniff*

30 Dec 2008

Bye bye 2008

Just last two days of the year 2008, which has passed so fast! I still remember the fantastic day hubby dear and I had last year (i.e. on 31st Dec 2007). And so soon anther 31st Dec has come! Sadly he’s in US, practically the other side of the glob from where we actually stay! So we celebrate the New Year’s Eve in two different countries and, at two different times. Sound weird to me! Fun part is I will have my friends coming over for the celebration at our place. So I am definitely looking forward to it.

So all you beautiful people out there.. Just pray that everyone will have a safe and happy time on the last day of the year. And 2009 brings the peace to us.. To the world!

1 Dec 2008

The Wednesday!

26th November 2008! Another black day for whole world! The victory of evil mind over the unpreparedness of the country to stop it on time! All must have read in the papers about the terrorist attack in Mumbai. As I watched it on the TV, it was a horrible site for a mankind. Young terrorists in their early 20s were killing people like mosquitoes. And all we could do is just wait n watch! See the blood shredded of our fellow brothers and sisters. See our great policemen and commandos fighting with terrorists to save our country! And talk about how the system failed. How our people were wrong. And blah blah.. All talking! I just hate this helplessness *arghhhhh*

I wonder, what has happened with people’s mentality? How can a person be so cruel that he does not understand the importance of human’s right to live?! How can he just take it away?! The terrorist groups are said to be the strong believers in God, then how can they just take away the life of people which is God’s gift?! Post attack effects are horrible. Lots of innocent people lost their lives. Lots of important and honest police men, army men died while fighting with the terrorists. Saturday was the day of funerals. *sigh*

Now, one by one, politicians have started resigning by taking so called ‘responsibilities’. W T F! Even people are asking for their resignation. W H Y? Instead of making them work, are we going to keep on changing our politicians like this? Isn’t it waste time? Why these politicians can’t stay onboard and take the responsibilities? Just because they want to run away? Leaving everything is always easy, staying back and fighting and improving the system is difficult!

My personal opinion is, what has happened has happened. It is sad! But by blaming anyone, it is not going to reverse back. All we need is take precautions for not repeating anything like this again. Find the loopholes, fill them up and show that you value those people who have lost their lives in this attack. Fight back and show that you will not tolerate this nonsense and will not let anyone take you for granted. And every single person should help in doing this. You as well as me!!!

24 Nov 2008

Happpppppyyyyyyyyy B’day!

Yes.. It was my b’day on this Saturday (No, I am not mentioning how old I become). But as you can see in the title, I had a fantastic day and that started a day before my b’day! And here are some snap-shots of it ;)

Hubby dear decorated our room with flowers, cake, candles and two sexy glasses of wine! It was sooooooo romantic and I was soooo surprised as he is not much of *i-can-surprise-u-with-doing-something-different* kind of person. Though on my all previous b’days, I asked him to give me some surprise gift. Does not matter what it is! And it never happened!. This year also we already did some shopping for me, so I was not expecting any surprises form him. But I was wrong! :D.

Then on Saturday, we went out for whole day and then had a dinner with my family. My sister Purva, who started doing a job recently, gave me a cute top from her FIRST salary. Awwwwww.. Can u see tears in my eyes?

In short it was a fantastic b’day... as always...

18 Nov 2008


Why do people take me for granted?! Is it because I allow them to???

4 Nov 2008

Diwali 2008

I have been very very busy lately. So didn’t get much time to post or read any blogs.

Anyways.. Last week was Diwali..The the most awaited occasion. The festival for celebration of victory of light over darkness.. I hope this diwali has brought you prosperity and happiness. Here are some pictures from Diwali, which we celebrated this year.

Gifts!!! And my fantastic(!) giftwrapping.. FYI - I GAVE these Diwali gifts after taking lot of efforts to wrap them!

My Sister and I painted those Diyas for Diwali :)

Again, We did this Rangoli!

Mehendi by me :D

Diwali, always gives a lot of occasions to show (off) my artistic skills ;)